16 Mile Brewing Company

Located just outside historic Georgetown, Delaware, 16 Mile Brewing Company is one of Sussex County’s best kept secrets.  Tucked away, just off the main highway, 16 Mile is a newer landmark along the mostly agricultural landscape.  But just beyond the walls lies one of the fastest growing craft breweries in lower Delaware.

16 Mile owners, Brett McCrea and Chad Campbell believed that Sussex County offered them something unique – a safe place to raise their young families and an area perfect for a new business that celebrates old traditions, while creating new ones. 16 Mile Brewing Company was the ultimate joint venture – a way to capitalize on Chad and Brett’s unique skills and backgrounds AND their passion for great beer.

The 16 Mile Brewing Company name harkens back to the late 1700’s when Georgetown was still known as Pettijohn’s old field, a rather isolated town, centrally located in Sussex County. The area was “16 miles from anywhere” in the county and was the best place for farmers, merchants, and politicians to meet to conduct official business.

Staying true to the area’s history, 16 Mile chose names for their brews that carry a historical significance including Old Court Ale, Blues’ Golden Ale, Inlet IPA, and Harvest Ale.  Stop in to try a sample of these, and many more, and see for yourself why 16 Mile is quickly making a name for themselves throughout the Mid-Atlantic area.